About the Artist


Born in 1968.
Montevideo, Uruguay.

Yuko unfolds expressions from her curious soul, with the soft, pure and natural flow of water.

Her technique is Suminagashi, an ancient Japanese art that uses water as a "canvas", where the
paint floats in it and then is printed on different materials such as paper and fabric, among others.

" I am water - I live, love and flow "

" My work is whimsical sensitive and delicate "

" My art flows from the depths of my own element: water ... pure bliss


At the end of 2019 she embarked with curiosity in the practical investigation of the technique,
which she acquired, perfected and developed beyond the known, through trial and error.

The development of the practice has allowed her to create extraordinary works in large format,
which is completely atypical and rare for this unique art form.

Yuko draws her art from the depths of her being, creating her own original style, bringing to life
a variety of shapes, from delicate paintings to large works of art.

Her life has been enriched by her curiosity in the different cultures of the countries in which she has
lived. Learning from everyone, inspired by everything.

Her best teachers have been life itself and the children she has brought up.
Her life has always been accompanied by art; through dance, music and photography,
among other.

Since 2008, Yuko lives and works in Andratx, in the southwest of Mallorca, surrounded by the turquoise
waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Artist Statement

“The creation of each work is unique and unrepeatable, since the support is water, it is affected by
many conditioning factors. Each piece maintains an intimate relationship with the water and with myself at the precise moment
of its creation.
Once the last drop is added to the image, silence occurs, nothingness surrounds the
lightness of an image conceived in water... and it is at that moment, that the textile descends to meet
that image whose splendor will soon reveal... spreading into it, absorbing all that is in it,
transforming into it.
Unique moment… in which the created image is finally witnessed."